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Restraining orders are serious. Not only do you face potential criminal punishment for the underlying allegations, but a restraining order can also limit your movement, keep you away from your children and lock you out of your home.
Not just any attorney can adequately protect your interests in the face of a restraining order. These cases are a unique blend with dashes of family law, civil law and criminal law to contend with. To protect your rights, your relationship with your children and your good name, you need an attorney with a proven track record of overcoming the complexities of restraining orders and underlying issues such as domestic violence or elder abuse.

Your Side Of The Story Matters

In San Diego and surrounding communities, you can turn to Premier Domestic Violence Law Group for the sound legal counsel, fierce advocacy and compassionate representation you need during a difficult time in your life. Good people can find themselves on the wrong side of a restraining order due to allegations of domestic violence or civil harassment. All it takes is one bad day, one questionable decision or one argument. We look forward to hearing your side of the story and standing up for your rights.

Types Of Restraining Orders

We primarily deal with three types of restraining orders at Premier Domestic Violence Law Group:
  • Domestic violence restraining orders: Seek to protect an individual from abuse by a spouse, partner, parent, family member, etc.
  • Civil harassment restraining orders: Seek to protect an individual from harassment or abuse by someone outside of their family or household
  • Elder abuse restraining orders: Seek to protect the elderly and/or disabled from abuse by caretakers, loved ones and others

A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

As a former prosecutor, attorney Mark Deniz knows what to look for and how to approach a restraining order defense. You can rely on him and our firm to act quickly to defeat the restraining order and work to resolve the underlying case in your favor. If your restraining order is the result of domestic violence accusations, steps may include preparing mitigation packets to build your case for dismissal or negotiation to obtain a reduced charge that limits your exposure to the harshest criminal penalties. Our success in doing this can be seen in the many positive reviews, testimonials and awards our attorneys have received.

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