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One Phone Call Changes Everything

Disagreements and heated arguments happen. Even couples in healthy relationships can get into a fight and make mistakes such as tossing a phone across the room or slamming doors. Unfortunately, police are often called to remedy domestic disputes while tempers are still flaring and thoughts of revenge are simmering. It is not uncommon for accusers to change their statements or no longer wish to pursue charges once cooler heads have prevailed. Unfortunately, at that point, it is no longer up to the accuser; the prosecutor will be the one making decisions about whether to pursue misdemeanor domestic violence charges that can change your life forever.  Be proactive and contact the Premier Domestic Violence Law group.

Tell Us Your Side Of The Story

Premier Domestic Violence Law Group is not here to judge. We know good people can find themselves on the wrong side of domestic violence allegations. We are here to listen to your side of the story and make sure that your interests are protected as we defend you against misdemeanor or felony domestic violence charges. Your accuser, the police and others may not care about your side of the story. We do.

Former Prosecutor Looking Out For You

Our firm is led by Mark Deniz, a former senior domestic violence prosecutor in San Diego with a proven track record of resolving cases as favorably as possible. He takes a dual-track approach of fighting for a dismissal while, at the same time, negotiating the best possible terms for a plea agreement. He is always preparing for the next move and knows what it takes to win no matter the circumstances.

Proven Results And Case Dismissals

The testimonials we have received speak strongly of our ability to deliver results for clients facing DV and related charges. This includes many cases where we are able to get the charges dismissed completely by taking timely and effective action.

California Domestic Violence Charges

Misdemeanor domestic violence is charged in situations with accusations of battery against a spouse, live-in partner, roommate, the other parent of a defendant’s child, former spouse or partner, or someone with whom the defendant currently has or has had a relationship. Potential penalties include a fine of up to $2,000 and a county jail sentence of up to one year.

Felony domestic violence charges can be brought in situations with evidence of “corporal injury” resulting in a “traumatic condition.” The criminal consequences include a prison sentence of up to four years in length.

Act Fast To Protect Your Rights, Your Reputation And Your Future

Charges can often be prevented or dismissed based on early intervention and proactive measures taken by an attorney. We will start creating a “mitigation packet” immediately, presenting you in the most positive light possible and letting the prosecution get to know the real you rather than the caricature presented in the police report. Other mitigation actions include prompt enrollment in substance abuse or anger management programs in order to demonstrate how serious you are about rectifying any underlying issues. Our attorneys know how to advocate effectively the accused at all stages of the domestic violence legal process.

The time to act is now if you have been arrested or are under investigation for domestic violence. Call 619-752-3702 now for a free consultation with a proven domestic violence defense lawyer.