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Protect Your Future From Your Past With Expungement

Mistakes from your past should not be allowed to get in the way of your future. You have paid your debt to society and deserve a second chance to be the best version of yourself without being weighted down by the negative connotations of having a domestic violence conviction on your record. An expungement can change your status, removing the label of “convicted” from your record under California law.

At Premier Domestic Violence Law Group, based in San Diego, we offer representation for the expungement process. Our firm is led by Mark Deniz, a former criminal prosecutor who understands the issues at play from both sides of the criminal justice system.

How Expungement Works

If you are eligible for expungement, the court will allow your previously entered plea or verdict to be withdrawn and the case to be dismissed. This will allow you to move forward without your past criminal conviction holding you back. This is critical, as a domestic violence conviction on your record can severely limit your employment opportunities and harm your personal reputation.

Are You Eligible For Expungement?

If you have served your sentence, paid your fines and made it through probation, you may be eligible to have your conviction expunged. Misdemeanors and some felonies are eligible for expungement. An experienced lawyer from our firm can determine your eligibility and guide you through the process. This includes potentially pursuing a certificate of rehabilitation after you have obtained an expungement.

We look forward to helping you explore your opportunities to move forward without the burden of a domestic violence conviction on your record. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Is Expungement Worth It? What Does It Really Do for Me?

In today’s hard economic times, someone wants to erase the blemish of a conviction.  You may want to apply for a job, throw your hat in the ring for a promotion, or apply for graduate school.  The concern expressed is almost always that a prospective employer may reject or pass over someone due to their criminal history. 

It is an important to note this to know what expungement can do. Contact Premier Law Group at 619-752-3702 for a free consultation.