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Alyssa Buffaloe, Esq. became a lawyer to help people during their time of need. She believes that everyone deserves someone to represent them and shield them when all hope seems lost. Since she passed the California Bar in 2016, that is what she has done.

Mrs. Buffaloe has worked on thousands of cases. She pours everything into her work to insure the clients obtain the best possible outcome in their case; including handling preliminary hearings, writing suppression motions and motions to dismiss charges, and even taking cases to jury trial. She especially has great success in both writing and arguing motions.

Attorney Buffaloe enjoys working with Veterans and active duty military on cases going through Military Diversion. She has a success rate of over ninety percent in her Military Diversion motions, where the case can ultimately result in a dismissal of all charges. She is the attorney who primarily handles the Military Diversion cases for the office. Mrs. Buffaloe works closely with clients, taking on both the prosecution in court, and the DMV. She has handled hundreds of Admin Per Se hearings with the DMV, fighting for the client's driving privileges.

During law school, Attorney Buffaloe pursued several internships, including interning with the Law Offices of Mark Deniz and the San Diego Public Defender's office. During the internships, she worked on a variety of cases, ranging from misdemeanor petty thefts to felony attempted murder and arson. Mrs. Buffaloe was a criminal law fellow and an Editor of the Thomas Jefferson Law Review. She was awarded academic honors each semester, and graduated in the top five percent of her law class.

Before graduating Magna Cum Laude honors in law school, Mrs. Buffaloe graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, while working full time as a Manager of a Restaurant. After working through school, she was able to move to San Diego and pursue her aspirations of becoming an attorney, and speaking for those who need her help.

Attorney Buffaloe has been living her dream, giving a voice to those that are going through a difficult time. She has been able to protect clients in court and ensure that their rights are not violated. She enjoys being a role model for her daughter by fighting for clients in court, and ultimately ensuring all clients obtain the best resolution possible in their case.