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Mark Deniz is a former domestic violence prosecutor, with over 20 years’ experience in criminal law. That behind-the-scenes knowledge helps our team tell your side of the story and take effective action to get charges dismissed or reduced.

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Mark Deniz has practiced in criminal law for 20 years, including a decade on the other side of domestic violence charges. He has good relations with the judges and prosecutors in these specialized courts.

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Our team works to “put a face to the case” and tell your side of the story. We are problem solvers who exhaust every defense and mitigating factor. Our mindset is to find an appropriate answer to the unique challenges you’re facing.

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We understand how stressful and urgent your situation is. We know that early intervention could make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Our lawyers and staff are ready to take swift action on your case.

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Facing Domestic Violence Charges? Tell Your Side Of The Story

It is incredibly unfair when police come into your home and arrest you on domestic violence charges without even getting your side of the story. At Premier Domestic Violence Law Group, we begin by listening to your side. Our experienced San Diego-based domestic violence defense attorneys will do everything in their power to tell your story, protect your rights and problem-solve your situation to get you a favorable outcome for your case.

Read Mark Deniz’s New Book on Domestic Violence

Often, I see clients like you who have been arrested or accused of spousal abuse, domestic battery, violating a restraining order, and other DV charges. They often feel what happened doesn’t warrant charges or the punishment that they are facing. In my new eBook, I share a few testimonies of such experiences from people who feel the same way and are realizing that their story was not fully heard. My book demonstrates that there are solutions and ways to get the best possible outcome after being charged with domestic violence (DV).

– Mark Deniz

Tell the other side of the story: Evaluating & Attacking A Domestic Violence Case | Mark L. Deniz, Esq.
Mark Deniz on cover of San Diego Attorney Journal magazine
Mark Deniz on cover of San Diego Attorney Journal magazine

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