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The Right Experience Can Make All The Difference In Your Defense

There are other criminal defense lawyers in Southern California with years of experience, and some who were former prosecutors. But Mark Deniz is the rare defense lawyer with a long history as an ex-prosecutor and specific experience prosecuting domestic violence cases.

His in-depth knowledge of “the other side” of domestic violence cases is a distinct advantage to our clients. Premier Domestic Violence Law Group represents the accused in the San Diego area and Southern California. Our strong record of dismissals owes very much to Mark’s behind-the-scenes understanding of how cases are investigated, charged and resolved.

Why Work With A Former Domestic Violence Prosecutor?

Many defense lawyers started their careers as assistant prosecutors for a year or two before moving on to private practice. Mark Deniz spent 10 years as a prosecutor in San Diego County (and worked in the Sheriff’s Department before that). As a Deputy District Attorney he was assigned to the Domestic Violence and Family Protection unit and served as senior prosecutor, winning awards for his thorough and efficient approach to these complex cases.

As a criminal defense lawyer for the past 10 years, Mark has carved out a niche representing those accused of domestic assault and related offenses. Every day, for every client, he draws on those prosecutorial insights to help our legal team mount a true defense.

  • He understands first-hand what happens when law enforcement responds to a domestic call.
  • He was a colleague of many of the current prosecutors and is familiar with how they build their cases.
  • He has worked (on both sides) with many of the local judges who hear domestic violence cases.
  • He is well-versed in the statutes and the criteria for different levels of domestic violence charges.
  • He understands the rules of evidence and which facts do and don’t matter to the court.
  • He can gauge the strength of the evidence through a prosecutor’s eyes.

We Start With A More Optimistic Approach

Domestic violence cases are highly sensitive because of the impact on families and marriages. Defense attorneys who have less insight about domestic violence may be more likely to judge you guilty before you ever set foot in a courtroom. Those lawyers may be more inclined to plead out a case where Mark Deniz sees opportunities to petition for dismissal or challenge the charges at trial. While we can never guarantee a specific result in a particular case, our body of work and testimonials from clients backs up our assertion that hiring a hard-working ex-prosecutor is your best bet.

Get the right team on your side. Premier Domestic Violence Law Group has multiple offices in the San Diego area and offers a free consultation. Time is of the essence if there is any hope of getting your charges dropped. Call us immediately at 619-752-3702 or contact us online.